Bad Habits of Students

23 jan c Bad Habits of StudentsMost students assume that teenager period is time to have fun and look for their identities so some students prefer to play together with their friends during school hour than to study at classroom and come to blow both inside and outside school.

If you are one of them, you have to stop doing those because you will regret sooner or later. Besides, try to become a good student and avoid doing other bad habits below:

  1. Come to class late
    Undoubtedly, most students often do this bad habit with various reasons, such as: getting up late, missing the school bus, trapping in traffic jam, etc. Realize that this bad habit can represent how bad your discipline. Thus, if you don’t want to be scolded by teachers or to get punishment, try to be discipline to come to class on time, okay!
  2. Consume junk foods too much
    Because there are many junk foods that are offered at cafeteria, students are usually willing to spend their pocket money to buy those foods. The worst part is they consume junk foods too much whereas these foods are not good for health especially if the foods contain preservative excessively.If you don’t want to deal with metabolism disorder, cancer, or even lung disorder because of the preservative, stop consuming junk foods excessively and consume healthy foods, such as: fruit, rice, corn, etc.
  3. Smoke cigarette
    Some students assume that by smoking cigarette, they can look cool. Is it true? Realize that it is not true because smoking cigarette can cause lung disorder, hypertension, cancer, etc. Please realize it if you want to keep your body’s health and enjoy your life.
  4. Consume diet medicine excessively
    To look gorgeous at school and attract others, students especially women are willing to spend a lot of pocket money to buy diet medicine. Unfortunately, because they want to look gorgeous and sexy instantly, they consume the medicine excessively. Thus, they get heavy side effects, such as: metabolism disorder, allergy, headache, etc.If you plan to consume the medicine, please consult to doctor first and apply the rules of use correctly. In contrast, if you do these already but you still get the side effects, you have to get health treatment soon and call reliable and professional attorney, such as: GA product liability attorney to prosecute medicine provider if needed.

Well by avoid doing the bad habits above, hopefully, you can enjoy your school life and become one of the best students at school. Good luck.

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3 Responses to Bad Habits of Students

  1. Lina says:

    You’re right. This is good information.

  2. purplecloud says:

    yes, you’re right, those things always done by students

  3. Cutie Merie says:

    I often do the first and third point :D I wish I could stop it anyway..

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